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The Jiffy Capital small business approvals department will quickly review and approve your application. Our low threshold means that your business can get funded even if you've had credit challenges in the past.   

As a direct lender, Jiffy Capital invests in projects traditional financial institutions typically do not.

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Become an ISO partner with us today. Our ISO's receive the highest commission rates in the industry, as well as a quick transfer of funds.   

Please contact us today to see how you can benefit from joining forces with Jiffy Capital in making the lives of small business owners just a little better.

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While we facilitate advances of all sizes, we specialize in cash advances under $250,000. Our priorities are: service, speed, and reliability. 

Give us a try and you will see why more businesses are choosing us for their funding needs.


What Clients Say

“Jiffy Capital was there for us when the oven at our family owned pizza place malfunctioned. It was either we replace the oven, or else we would've had to close shop. Jiffy Capital came through in a big way.”

Robbie White

“As an ISO, the advantages of using Jiffy Capital are readily apparent. The ISO commission is higher than the others, and the commission hit my account quicker than the others I've dealt with ”

Avery Smith

“Although I ended up receiving a loan from a traditional bank, Jiffy Capital was extremely helpful in laying out my options in a very clear fashion. Their representative was very instrumental in my decision making process.”

Skyler Adelson


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Reaching us should never be a problem. Contact us today and tell as all about your cash advance needs.


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